news 2018

1. There will be large earthquakes throughout the world

2. There will be a war through out the world. North Korea will attack America. America will retaliate. North Korea are having underground meetings with Russia, China, and Arab nations to destroy America. Right now North Korea and Arab Nation will plan to attack America with domestic terrorism.

3. There is going to be wars throughout Africa due to South Africa election results.

4. Arab nations are planning to attack Israel.

5. Without prayers, Nigeria will divided into different countries. Nigeria will be no more of a country.

6. Another terrorist group similar to Boko Haram from the east and southern Nigeria will form.

7. Poverty and economical hardships will rise throughout the world to the point housewives will be prostitutes to support their family.

8. Demon of immorality will arise and cause confusion and problems. More men will be caught having sex with their own mothers. More men will be caught having sex with animals.

9. Fake men of God will be exposed. If you’re a fake men of God, please repent or you will end up in hell. God hate hypocrites.

10. The churches have lost their place due to slacking. They’re no longer seeking relationship with God.

 Thus Saith the Lord



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