Why We Should Denounce the BLM Movement

We have several reasons why we as Christians should denounce the BLM or Black Lives Matter Movement. We will list them in detail.


1. Spiritually Backed by the Marine Kingdom

The co founder, Patrisse Cullors and the organizer Melina Abdullah both practice witchcraft. Patrisse Cullors does not hide the fact that she worship demonic ancestral spirits and invoke them during protests. She made it clear that she dedicate her life for her ancestors to be remember because the spirits told her they want to be remembered. She also admitted on camera that she initiated the Black Lives Matter Movement through a ritual in the ocean with fellow black activist, Melina Abdullah. She also has videos of her praying to these spirits readily available on Youtube. Ancestral spirits are no other than familiar spirits which are part of the Marine Kingdom. Melina Abdullah does not have videos of worshiping demons but someone posted a video of her Youtube here while she’s doing a ritual to summoning demonic spirits. God made it clear that witchcraft is the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21). The reason why God said this is that witchcraft is of the devil and his kingdom.


2. Defunding the Police

The black lives matter movement demands America to defund the police. Defunding the police will not only increase crime but mortality rate in America. It also will not solve the real issues that black people face in their community.



Black lives Matter only focuses on white cops killing and black LGBTQ. They do not focus on how to lower the mortality rate for black people. According to the CDC.org, the leading causes of death among the black community are heart disease, cancer, and accidents. Black people are 4x than white people to be hospitalize for coronavirus. Black people are also the leading race for abortions. BLM are not for the life of babies in the womb but are strongly for abortions. They state on their website that a woman has a right to choose when it comes to taking a life of a black baby in a womb. How can black lives matter only when a white cop kills a black person but not when a white doctor kills a black baby in the womb?



This is why as Christians we must always seek God for discernment before getting involve with anything in this world because the devil is still the prince of this world. His time is short and he will try to take as many to Hell as he can. He will not stop until Jesus Christ comes back to reign on Earth. Keep God close in these wicked days to come.

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