How To Build An Altar For God‎

Every Christian needs to build an altar at home for God. The reason for this is that God chosen us to be as royal priests of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (1 Peter 2:9). As royal priests we must have an altar as our homes is now the temple of the Holy Spirit. There are three types of temples of God; our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19), our homes (Matthew 18:20), and the church (Colossian 1:24). Moses constructed an altar for God called The Tabernacle for sacrificing animals, anointing people, etc in Exodus. However you don’t need your altar to be as extravagant as the ancient Hebrews’ altar. Here are 3 steps on how to build a simple altar for God.


1. Find a Spot

Make sure you have enough space for you and whoever is praying with you if you have family members living with you. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated room in the house. However it has to be a space that is not covered by anything like furniture, decorations, etc since you will be praying on the floor sitting or standing in this altar.


2. Anoint With Oil

Moses used anointing oil for The Tabernacle (Exodus 30:26). It was made with different spices. However you can just use olive oil. Jacob just used oil when he anointed a place where he had seen God (Genesis 28:16-18). Pray in the name of Jesus Christ that the bottle of olive oil you have or bought is now anointing oil for your altar. Then make a circle at the space that is your altar. The circle has to be big enough for one person in order so you can things on the altar such as written requests, names, etc.


3. Initiation Prayer

Invite God in your home and in your altar. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ that your altar is to be surrounded by God’s angels every time you pray to God.


4. Mark It

After the oil fades, mark where the oil used to be. It can be with tape, marker, caulk, etc.


Keep in mind that your altar doesn’t have to be fancy or anything. However be careful of placing items to worship in front of it because that’s idolatry. Items may include the Virgin Mary, Jesus on the cross, etc. Use your altar regularly for prayer requests, spiritual warfare, thanksgiving, and to connect with God.

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