Exposing the Lies about Abortion

There has been lies that have been spread for years about abortion and procedures about it. We will expose these lies in details.


1. Unborn baby or fetus is not a human being

There have been and still are articles that claim that a fetus is just a clump of cells and not considered human or alive until after he/she comes out of the womb. However this is a lie. Without cells, human beings can not survive. Most cells in our body have two copies of the genome with 6 billion base pairs of DNA. One gram of DNA can potentially hold up to 455 exabytes of data. So as soon as the the egg is fertilized, life starts and the programming of a fetus development starts.


2. Abortion is Not Murder

Since life begins once the egg is fertilized then abortion has to be murder. Another reason that abortion is in fact murder is that the baby in the womb has a different blood type than the woman carrying that baby. If a fetus was just a clump of cells and part of the woman, the fetus would have the same blood type as the woman. Whenever there is a procedure to deliberately end a life of a person, it is considered murder worldwide.


3. Abortion is A Human Right

How can abortion be a human right when it involves ending a human’s life in the womb? Every human has the right to live and not be killed. Anyone who has cells, heart, and a brain are considered alive. Babies don’t have a voice to fight for their right to live so as Christians we have to fight so their voices can be heard from beyond the womb.


4. Abortion is Needed in Rape and Incest Cases

Even though this is a sensitive topic to touch on abortion we still need to expose that this is a lie. Babies should not be killed because they were a product of rape or incest. There are still options for a woman right after the incident such as the Plan B pill, which blocks the egg to become fertilized. The Plan B and other emergency contraceptive pill is available in stores and online. However if the egg is fertilized, adoption is another option instead of abortion.


5. Abortion is Only Way Out

Abortion is not the only way out of being a mother. Adoption is also an option. There is open adoption in which a mother can be part of the child’s life. There is close adoption, in which the mother is not part of the child’s life. There are many couples worldwide who yearns to adopt children for various reasons.


6. Abortions Help the Economy

Planned Parenthood makes combined annual revenue is $1.3 billion, including approximately $530 million in government funding such as Medicaid reimbursements. Medicaid is a health plan program for low income people who can not afford medical insurance. Anyone who has Medicaid can book an appointment with any clinic that take Medicaid as an acceptable health insurance. So our taxes are paying for these murders and abortions are not helping the economy but a burden.


7. Banning Abortion Endangers Women’s Health

Abortion can not endanger health of a woman when in fact about 68,000 women die each year during abortion procedures due to various complications. Most procedures that women get through their gyn/ob when there are complications during the pregnancy does not involve an abortion but emergency c-section. Planned Parenthood also does not provide surgeries dealing with terminating ectopic pregnancy and made it clear on their website that it is not considered an abortion.



As Christians we should not be silent about the lies being told to the masses. If we are silent then we are in an agreement with the enemies and their plans to destroy humanity. If you’re reading this and pro-choice, you need to repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

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