Getting the Most Out of Studying the Bible Daily

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of studying God’s word, the Bible, daily.


1. Set A Time

Set a time everyday to read the Bible. With free Bible apps, you can study God’s word anytime and anywhere. However it is best to read it in a place that is quiet so you won’t be distracted.


2. Take Your Time

Take your time reading the Bible. If you don’t understand a sentence, re-read. With the Bible, you can miss so much from not comprehending a sentence. If you still don’t understand, do your own research or Google it. Everything you need to know in life is the Bible. Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105


3. Meditate

When you’re done reading a chapter or a book from the Bible, meditate on that word. Really sink in on what you just read and how it can relate to you in your everyday life.


4. Memorize

Memorize and personalize some of the scriptures so you will be able to use it for your daily prayers. Using God’s word is what destroys the enemies in any prayer you do.


5. Record it

Write down what you learn every time you read the Bible. It’s easy to forget when you don’t write things down. It is best to buy a Bible with space to write notes or buy a journal.


6. Give Thanks

Give thanks to God after each time you read the Bible. If you don’t understand some things in the Bible, ask God for guidance.


7. Share It

Share what you learn in the Bible with others. It’s always interesting to hear another perspective on God’s word.


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