Parallels Between Jesus & Abel

1. Shepherd

Abel was a keeper of sheep or a shepherd (Genesis 4:2). Jesus Christ refer to himself as the good shepherd (John 10:11-14).


2. Sacrifice

Both men’s sacrifice was pleasing to God (Genesis 4:4, Ephesians 5:2). Abel sacrificed the best portions of the first born (Genesis 4:4). Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for atonement of sin (Romans 3:25).


3. Murder

Both men were killed by their own. Jesus Christ was killed by his own creation (John 1:10, John 19:6). Abel was killed by his own brother (Genesis 4:8).


4. Blood

The blood of both men spoke (Genesis 4:10, Hebrew 12:24).


5. Faith

Both men had faith in God. Abel acted on his faith by sacrificing the firstborns to God (Numbers 3:13, Hebrews 11:4). Jesus Christ acted on his faith by sacrificing himself even though he didn’t want to (Matthew 26:39).


6. Punishment

The punishment of Cain is similar to what Israel faced after killing Jesus Christ. Cain was a wanderer in which if someone kills him, they would be cursed (Genesis 4:12-15). The Israelites scattered for several years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.


7. Envy

Abel’s brother killed him due to envy (Genesis 4:5). The Pharisees handed over Jesus Christ to the Romans due to envy (Matthew 27:18).


8. Lamb Without Blemish

Abel offered a first born lamb without blemish (Genesis 4:4). Jesus Christ offered himself as a lamb without blemish (2 Corinthians 5:21, John 1:29).


9. Righteous

Both men were righteous (Hebrews 11:4, Luke 23:47).


10. Public Acceptance

God accepted Abel’s offering in front of Cain (Genesis 4:4-7). God accepted Jesus Christ in public during his baptism (Luke 3:21-22).

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