Parallels between Samson & Jesus

1. Both Were Born Miraculously

Samson’s mother was unable to conceive before she became pregnant with Samson. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was a virgin when she became pregnant with Jesus.


2. Angels Announced Both Births

An angel of God appeared to both Samson’s mother and father to announce the birth of Samson and how to bring him up. Angel Gabriel appeared to both Mary and Joseph to announce Jesus’ birth.


3. Both Came to Deliver Their People

Samson was born to deliver Israel from the Philistines. Jesus was born through Mary and the Holy Spirit to deliver us from Satan with his blood.


4. Holy Spirit Reside in Them

The Holy Spirit was with both Samson and Jesus to accomplish their goals.


5. Both Have A Gentile Wife

Both Samson and Jesus have a Gentile wife. Samson married a young Philistine woman and have a feast. Jesus’ will have a feast with the church, which is consider a Gentile bride, at the end times.


6. Both Spoke Things in Riddles

Samson told a riddle in which most didn’t understand. The men who didn’t understand threatened his wife to give up the answer to the riddle. Jesus told parables in which most didn’t understand. He would explain them only to his disciples.


7. Both Betrayed by A Loved One

Samson was betrayed by his girlfriend, Delilah, for 1100 shekels of silver. Jesus was betrayed by his own disciple, Judas, for 30 pieces of silver.


8. Both Deaths Defeated Their Enemies

Samson killed all his enemies when he pushed the supporting pillars in the temple of the Philistines. Jesus destroyed Satan when he died on the cross, went to Hell to obtain the keys of life & death, and release the saints on Abraham’s side.


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