Secret Message in Adam to Noah Genealogy

We will break down the secret message in Adam to Noah’s genealogy.


Adam in Hebrew means mankind. It derives from the word adamah which means Earth or ground.


Seth in Hebrew means appointed or placed.


Enosh in Hebrew means man, human being, or mortal.


Kenan in Hebrew can mean sorrow, possession, mourning.


Mahalalel in Hebrew is means praise of God.


Jared in Hebrew means shall come down.


Enoch in Hebrew means to teach, to dedicate, or to consecrate.


Methuselah in Hebrew means to be sent forth or die


Lamech in Hebrew means to make low, to beat or scourged. Lamech has been used for a group of priests in ancient times.


Noah in Hebrew means to give rest or comfort.

We come to this as a the secret message about Jesus.

Mankind appointed human beings sorrow. The God who is praised shall come down to teach and consecrate. He is sent forth by priests to be beaten and die to in order to give rest.

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